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4piecekit 150x150 Hair Growth & RestorationBetter Than Rogaine, Ovation, Minoxidil, & Keranique

Unlike formulas that contain hair chemicals, 7pe’s formula plants natural seeds of hair growth which stimulates the scalp & activates the follicles. This revolutionary process promotes new hair growth and easily restores damaged hair. 7pe is supreme for black women hair loss because it grows hair all over the head and not just in one spot.

organic 150x150 Hair Growth & Restoration100% Natural Organic Ingredients

Our formula is 100% organic and is free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, and DHT inhibitors. We utilize only hand picked organic oils, natural vitamins, natural minerals, and the finest hand selected organic plant extracts from around the world. The ingredients are time tested and proven to maximize hair growth and will save you tons of money by avoiding surgery, harmful chemicals, health risks, and unwanted side effects. This superior formula is revolutionary and sets a precedence for black women hair loss with superb quality, health, and safety. 7pe’s Organic hair loss formula was designed specifically to restore, renew, regrow, and revitalize damaged hair.

hair follicle 01 150x150 Hair Growth & Restoration7Pe’s Healing Power

7pe combats black women hair loss, easily corrects damaged hair, and is effective in healing alopecia areata, thinning hair, male and female pattern baldness, receding hairlines,  chemotherapy damage, thyroid hair loss damaged, chemical damage, and many more. Because 7pe utilizes absolutely no chemicals we have an outstanding record of no known side effects. 7Pe is so safe it can also be used on children and pregnant/expecting women.

hair maintenenace1 150x150 Hair Growth & RestorationAll-In-One Maintenance

What makes us special is 7pe’s african american hair loss solution not only promotes new hair growth but it was also designed to take the place of your current shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.



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Every Hair Type

Although 7Pe was formulated with african american hair textures in mind it also works with every gender and every hair type as well. Just watch the video below!




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